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How to maintain clean bench?

1. The operation table adopts the structure surrounded by the negative pressure area in the positive pressure pollution area. And before sterilizing the clean workbench with formaldehyde, in order to avoid formaldehyde leakage, first use the "soap bubble" method to check the airtightness of the entire equipment.

2. Regularly use an anemometer to accurately measure the wind force in the working area. If it does not meet the requirements of the performance parameters, you can adjust the working voltage of the centrifugal fan power supply system. When the working voltage of the centrifugal fan is adjusted to a higher value, if the wind force in the working area still does not meet the performance parameters, the high-efficiency exhaust filter must be replaced, and the high-efficiency exhaust filter must also be replaced. After the replacement, use a dust particle counter to check whether the surrounding sealing is good, and if there is a leak, use a sealant to plug the leak. 

3. Centrifugal fans do not require special maintenance, but a regular maintenance is recommended.

4. When replacing the high-efficiency filter, pay special attention to the following matters. When replacing the exhaust/exhaust high-efficiency filter, the machine should be shut down, and the clean workbench should be sterilized first. When upgrading the high-efficiency filter, special unpacking is required, and the filter paper must be kept intact during transportation and installation. It is strictly forbidden to touch the filter paper with force to cause damage.

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