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Medicine Cabinet

Reagent cupboard, also known called reagent cabinet, cool cabinet, is a chemical laboratory or hospital necessary laboratory equipment, mainly used for the storage of drugs, chemical reagents, dangerous chemicals.


Product NameModelSize(W*D*H)Installation
Installation reserve hole
Hinged door medicine cabinet(Stainless steel closing)P14-YP01-001300H*900W*350D500mm840W*1240H
Hinged door medicine cabinet(Stainless steel closing)P14-YP02-001500H*900W*350D300mm840W*1440H
Hinged door medicine cabinet(Stainless steel closing)P14-YP03-001700H*900W*350D200mm840W*1640H
Hinged door medicine cabinet(Aluminum closing)P14-YP04-001300H*900W*350D500mm934W*1334H
Hinged door medicine cabinet(Aluminum closing)P14-YP05-001500H*900W*350D300mm934W*1534H
Hinged door medicine cabinet(Aluminum closing)P14-YP06-001700H*900W*350D200mm934W*1734H
Instrument Cabinet / Anesthesia Cabinet(Stainless steel closing)P14-MZ01-001300H*900W*350D500mm840W*1240H
Instrument Cabinet / Anesthesia Cabinet (Stainless steel closing)P14-MZ02-001500H*900W*350D300mm840W*1440H
Instrument Cabinet / Anesthesia Cabinet (Stainless steel closing)P14-MZ03-001700H*900W*350D200mm840W*1640H
Instrument Cabinet / Anesthesia Cabinet (Aluminum closing)P14-MZ04-001300H*900W*350D500mm934W*1334H
Instrument Cabinet / Anesthesia Cabinet (Aluminum closing)P14-MZ05-001500H*900W*350D300mm934W*1534H
Instrument Cabinet / Anesthesia Cabinet (Aluminum closing)P14-MZ06-001700H*900W*350D200mm934W*1734H
Medicine cabinet
(Stainless steel closing)
Medicine cabinet
(Stainless steel closing)
Medicine cabinet with sliding door(Stainless steel closing)P14-YP53-001300H*900W*350D500mm850W*1253H
Instrument Cabinet / Anesthesia Cabinet (Stainless steel closing)P14-QX51-001700H*900W*350D200mm850W*1653H
Instrument Cabinet / Anesthesia Cabinet (Stainless steel closing)P14-QX52-001500H*900W*350D300mm850W*1453H
Instrument Cabinet / Anesthesia Cabinet (Stainless steel closing)P14-QX52-001300H*900W*350D500mm850W*1253H

    Non-standard products can be made according to customer requirements



* It can be divided into all wood drug cabinet, stainless steel drug cabinet, all steel drug cabinet, PP (polypropylene) drug cabinet. Other materials of it are aluminum wood, steel wood combination and so on.

1.all wood medicine cabinet:

It is suitable for the placement of conventional drugs, namely less corrosive drugs. Since many drugs need to be stored in a cool place away from light, the placement of the medicine cabinet must be far away from the water source and avoid sunlight. The humid storage environment will not only make the medicine deteriorate and fail, but also reduce the service life of the wooden medicine cabinet. Because the wooden medicine cabinet is made of particle board with a fireproof plate on the outside, and is made of PVC edge-sealed boards around. Therefore, this kind of board is most afraid of contact with water. If water is accidentally dumped on the cabinet or laminate, it must be wiped dry with a cloth immediately. If it is not wiped off in time or forgotten to be disposed of, there may be no harm in a short time. However, if things go on like this, the edge banding will fall off and the edge of the plate will expand and deform.

2.stainless steel drug cabinet

This kind of storage cabinet is usually made of 0.7mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel, aluminum alloy handle, adjustable laminate, phosphorus-free spraying process, stainless steel table, and electroplating layer. Therefore, it is durable, cost-effective, corrosion-resistant, and has greater load-bearing capacity.

3.all steel drug cabinet

This medicine cabinet is generally made of 1.2mm high quality cold rolled steel, and the surface of the cabinet is sprayed with epoxy resin, which has stronger corrosion resistance. The cabinet is generally of double door style, movable laminate, anti-static powder treatment, PVC hidden handle, high strength ABS (acrylonitrile-butdiene-styrene copolymer) adjustment angle. It has more scientific and environmental protection, and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long service life, and often higher prices .

4.PP (polypropylene) drug cabinet

Polypropylene drug cabinet is the most expensive one among the three styles, because it is made of polypropylene material. Polypropylene does not react with diluted base and acid, so it is environmental and strong acid resistant. Cabinet structure adopts special aluminum alloy profile structure, strong bearing capacity, cabinet epoxy resin spraying, corrosion and moisture-proof, and because the PP material is more beautiful and environmental protection, it is often favored by hospitals or chemical laboratories.

* Based on the type of drugs stored, it can be divided into general medicine cabinets and controlled medicine cabinets.

1. General medicine cabinet is suitable for storing general drugs, which usually only needs to have the basic functions of fire prevention, anti-theft and moisture-proof.

2. The control drug cabinet is suitable for storing controlled drugs, which requires higher safety and control performance, such as fingerprint recognition, combination lock and other technical means.

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