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PROPOR Clean Panel

PROPOR clean panel is also called fireproof polystyrene board. Because the new thermal insulation material PROPOR adopts the technology of granule fireproof isolation film, uses copolymerization modification to make polystyrene monomer granules have the same characteristics as fireproof materials, and applies micro-phase composite technology to form a fireproof isolation film on the surface of each organic particle, so that each one particle forms a relatively independent organic particle fireproof unit.
In other words, the non-flammable insulation board is produced by coating the traditional foamed polystyrene granules with a non-flammable coating liquid, which is non-toxic and does not produce toxic gases even at high temperatures.In contact with flame, it forms a continuous honeycomb structure with a thermal barrier, which prevents the spread of flame and its penetration, thus preventing combustion from occurring.



Propor panels are designed to meet the design and functional requirements of the project and can be used in conjunction with the actual 

construction situation, making them highly operable. Propor, also known as "golden panels", is a new and improved foam panel with fire 

resistance up to A2 level, insulation and thermal property.

Application range:

It is widely used in electronics, food, beverage and other clean room partition walls and suspended ceilings where thermal insulation is 

required. Its lightness makes it easy to install.




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