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Purification Window

Purification window, also called clean window, is a kind of window that can filter harmful substances in the air. It usually consists of double-layer hollow tempered glass, which is usually composed of an air layer sandwiched between two pieces of glass. The air layer is filled with some adsorbents or catalysts, which can effectively remove pollutants in the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases and small particles such as PM2.5.


Product description:

Purification window can be matched with machine-made panels and handmade panels, so that the clean room panels and window planes are integrated, the overall effect is beautiful, and the sealing performance is good. This window has good sound insulation and heat insulation effect. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional glass windows such as low precision, no sealing, and easy fogging, which is a good choice for the observation window of a new generation of clean space industrial applications. It is widely used in purification projects, covering medicine, food, cosmetics, and electronics manufacturing industries.


1.Based on installation methods, it can be divided into matching manual plate purification window and matching mechanism plate purification window.

Firstly, the installation of manual plate purification windows is relatively simple, usually by fixing the window frame on the wall, then putting the glass plate into the window frame, and finally controlling the opening and closing through the door handle or sliding door. During the installation process, it is necessary to pay attention to the sealing between the window frame and the wall to ensure that the air inside and outside the clean room will not pollute each other.

Secondly, the installation of mechanism plate purification window is relatively complex, because electrical equipment, machinery and other problems need to be considered. In general, power lines and control lines need to be reserved for machine-board cleaning windows in advance. And appropriate motor, air cylinder and other mechanical devices need to be selected according to the actual situation. During installation, attention should be paid to the stability and reliability of the mechanical device, as well as the linkage with the central air conditioning system.

In addition, the board cleaning window also needs to be debugged and tested to ensure its normal operation. This includes the adjustment of mechanical devices, electrical system wiring, control program writing and so on.

2.Based on the appearance, it can be divided into rounded edge purification window and square edge purification window.

3.Based on the material, it can be divided into one-time forming steel frame  window, aluminum alloy frame purification window and stainless steel frame purification window.

One-time forming steel frame window is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate through CNC (computer numerical control) bending, automatic spot welding and other processes, with high strength, tightness, sound insulation and stability.

Aluminum alloy frame purification window is made of high strength aluminum alloy material, which has the characteristics of lightweight and corrosion resistance

Stainless steel frame purification window is made of stainless steel material, with corrosion resistance, anti-static, easy to clean and other characteristics.




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