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Cosmetic Workshop Engineering

A clean room refers to a controlled environment in which the airborne particles or other pollutants are restricted from introduction, gathering, generation, and retention, and in which other relevant parameters, e.g. temperature, humidity, airflow and noise, are controlled as necessary. It is widely used in electronics, semiconductors, optical devices, medicine, food and other industries.


product statement

The household chemical industry is a broad category producing chemical products that are relevant to people's daily lives. It includes cosmetics, detergents, oral products, fragrances, deodorants and other daily chemical products. Most modern household chemical products contain proteins, vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts, etc. These ingredients provide favourable conditions for microbe grow such as bacteria and mould. Therefore, microbial contamination is an important factor affecting the quality of products. The clean rooms used in the production mainly controls dust particles and microbes, similar to the requirements in pharmaceutical industry.




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