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Electronic Workshop Engineering

A clean room refers to a controlled environment in which the airborne particles or other pollutants are restricted from introduction, gathering, generation, and retention, and in which other relevant parameters, e.g. temperature, humidity, airflow and noise, are controlled as necessary. It is widely used in electronics, semiconductors, optical devices, medicine, food and other industries.


Product statement

The electronics industry, such as large-scale integrated circuits (LSI) and liquid crystal displays (LCD), cannot make it without a clean production environment. It requires not only building envelopes, structures, air, water, gases solvents and other raw materials, but also the environments such as sound, light, electricity, magnetism and vibration. With the development of computers and information technology, the electronics manufacture has flourished and driven clean room technology, placing higher demands on the manufacture of clean rooms. The electronics manufacturing industry requires high levels of cleanliness, often using ISO3 or ISO4 level of clean rooms. Moreover, air volume, temperature, humidity, pressure and equipment exhaust air are all controlled on demand, as well as illumination and cross-sectional air speed, according to design or specification. In addition, the requirements for static electricity in these clean rooms are extremely strict, especially for humidity. Because too dry plant means very easy to produce static electricity, causing damage to integrated circuits. In general, the temperature of the electronic plant should be controlled at around 22°and the relative humidity at between 50-60% (special clean rooms have relevant temperature and humidity regulations). The noise level (air state) in a ISO4 clean room should not be greater than 65dB(A). The static pressure difference between clean room and outdoor should not be less than 10Pa, and between clean area and non-clean area of different air cleanliness should not be less than 5Pa.




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